In 1998 the first lady of Georgia Sandra E. Roelofs founded the SOCO Foundation ( a charitable non-governmental organization which conducts humanitarian projects for the most vulnerable groups sponsored by both Western-European and Georgian companies and individuals. The SOCO Foundation as of 2007 is mainly focusing on reproductive health and care for newborns.
From 1999 to 2003 Ms Roelofs was a free-lance business consultant for mainly Dutch companies interested in business opportunities in Georgia. At the same time she was coordinator for a management know-how transfer program funded by the Netherlands government and she was a visiting lecturer of French language at Tbilisi State University. From Fall 2003 she switched to the Caucasus School of Business, a private educational institution where she is presently teaching French to students.
Since February, 2007 priority of SOCO Foundation has become reproductive health and care for newborns:
Material assistance (renovation, medical equipment, disposables) to the delivery homes;
Multi-children families support;
Information to pregnant women and general public on reproductive health;
Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle and early prevention of oncological diseases of the reproductive system;
Education and training of medical personnel in reproductive health (radiologists, neonatologists, midwives);
Supporting the mobile team of UNFPA (medical staff, material assistance).
Ongoing projects:

  • Multi-children families support with food packages – Adjara, Chiatura, Tbilisi;
  • Free medical consultation of women in Kvemo Kartli region by the physicians mobile group;
  • Start packages for pregnant women in Kvemo Kartli region;
  • Healthy Marriage – free medical consultation and treatment along with the incentives for the newly-wed couples in Adjara;
  • On-site training of radiologists in Samegrelo and Kvemo Kartli;
  • Equipment support of prenatal diagnostics at the Gudushauri clinic in Tbilisi;
  • Financial support of transportation and amniocentesis procedure for risk group pregnant women from the regions;
  • Material assistance to Makhindjauri Orphanage;
  • Material assistance to Borjomi Maternity House.