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Come out to support Kids and the Arts!

Come out to support Kids and the Arts!

Glendale, CA /PRregister.com/ Written by Armina LaManna. The Sphyra Project Arts Center is a non-profit CA corporation.  We are holding our first annual fundraiser on January 30th at 7:30PM at the Brand Cigar Club in Glendale.  The event features live music, dancing, auctions and a full bar – all for a $5 tax-deductible cover. 

More information can be found at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=209335837084&ref=ts.

Come out to support kids and the arts!

Our Mission

It is Sphyra Project Arts Center’s mission to serve its community by educating youth of all ethnic and economic backgrounds in all arts; to stimulate our society's evolution, to put forward citizen artists who rehabilitate our culture and propel humanity into a new world, where creativity, collaboration and solidarity within our diversity become the cherished values of everyday life.

Teaching Philosophy at the Sphyra Project Arts Center

We are dedicated to producing an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the arts, by exemplifying, both in theory and in practice, the creative process.  By exposing to and involving our students in music, art and theatre simultaneously, we illuminate our students’ many skills and talents, and provide them with a solid foundation for their future.

Our workshops are catered for two age groups: 11-13 and 14-17.

School of Music

The School of Music is dedicated to introducing students to innovative lessons in music theory, composition, performance and improvisation.  The classes cover a variety of subjects, including voice, instruments, recording and engineering.  We develop creative abilities by emphasizing hearing, reading, writing, singing and group collaboration as part of a greater musical foundation.  During their time at our school, the students will also be given the opportunity to explore music of many backgrounds and genres by visiting local musical venues and performances.

School of Art

The School of Art provides students with an arena for expanding their imagination by engaging them in creating art.  Under the guided instruction of our creative and original teachers, the students will learn patience and follow through, and gain experience in creating and understanding different forms of art, while developing their individuality.  Our classes will challenge children’s inventiveness and produce a new generation of art literate citizens.  The students will have the opportunity to visit local museums and art galleries.

School of Theater

The School of Theatre seeks to educate and train students in many internationally prized theatrical techniques.  It is our goal to produce actors whose performance skills express their individual creativity, artistic expressivity and freedom through specific physical disciplines, as well as actors who are literate and well versed in the history of theatre.  Our classes cover a variety of subjects, such as acting (tragedy, comedy, melodrama), mime, clown, stage combat, work with masks, audition techniques and many forms of dance.  The students will also attend theatre shows and be given opportunities to volunteer backstage at local theatres.

Find Sphyra Project on Facebook.

If you cannot make it, please consider sending in a tax-deductible donation to Sphyra Project (a nonprofit CA corporation; tax id # 27-1173941). Every dollar helps Sphyra bring its workshops to our youth! 1201 N. Pacific Avenue, Suite 204 Glendale, CA 91202 (website coming soon)  


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