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The results of the war in Abkhazia were disastrous for the people of the region, for the whole population of Georgia. Besides tens of thousands of dead on both sides, an autonomous republic has left about ¾ of its legal population. Refugees became almost 300 thousands of Georgians, and up to 40 thousand Abkhazians themselves, many Greeks, Estonians, Ukrainians, Jews, part Russians, etc.

From 535 thousandth (of the current account on January 1, 1992), of pre-war population by 1997 in Abkhazia left 145,986 people (in later years, these data did not change significantly, but official statistics of separatist calls clearly unrealistic figures - 240,705 people, 122,690 of whom allegedly belongs to the Abkhazian ethnos); that is, the population of the autonomous republic reduced by 388,075 people - by 72.7 %, or 3.7 times. More than any other ethnic Georgian population was affected. Its numbers on January 1, 1992 was 244,872 people (data are obviously underestimated), and after the ethnic cleansing, by 1997 - 43 442 people. Thus, the number of ethnic Georgians reduced by 201,430 people, or 82.2 %, or 5.64 times. Georgians living in Abkhazia are deprived of basic human rights and aim to reunite with the rest of Georgia. During the same period, the number of ethnic Abkhaz decreased from 94,767 people to 53,993 people. In Abkhazia, also live in considerable numbers on the Armenian and Russian communities. Overall, the number of the exiled Abkhaz population is 3.5 times higher than the rest of the population there. Therefore, the OSCE with the participation of Russia three times approved acts that recognize and condemn the ethnic purge in Abkhazia (in Budapest December 6, 1994, in Lisbon, December 3, 1996, in Istanbul, 17-18 November 1999).

These dry statistics and the OSCE resolution of a general nature not even close to reflect the scale of the tragedy in Abkhazia, which was accompanied by unprecedented methods of mass murder and torture of peaceful Georgian population, unprecedented cruelty. This indicates below mentioned specific facts. XX century does not remember similar, which witnessed the Lenin- Trotsky- Stalin and Hitler's concentration camps. Analogues of these facts should be found in the middle Ages or even the deep past.

In accordance with the following materials, thousands of people were killed after horrible tortures and humiliations. Very often, the separatists and their occupants were forced to sacrifice him to dig the grave himself, where then he was buried alive. Are known many cases where in a particular room, often in their own house were locked up individuals or an entire family, and sometimes a large group of people and burned alive. There are many examples of burning people alive and dead bodies, spraying gasoline. Apparently, the occupants gave a great pleasure terrible torture to helpless people before being shot – they were cut off their hands and feet , as well as the nose, ears, tongue , genitals , castrated , knocked out the eye, nails and teeth . There are numerous examples where on the eyes of the male captives were raped their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and then all of them were physically destroyed. There were frequent cases where the villains were not allowed to bury their relatives killed people, so that their bodies have become the property of dogs and pigs.

A lot of facts when these cannibals of XX-XXI centuries dismembered bodies of their victims, playing football with severed human heads, or those of the head exposed to the public, putting them at high stakes. Fairly common forms of ethnic cleansing and genocide of people were hanging on trees, on electric poles, as well as drowning in their own well. This achieves two objectives: to torture and physical destruction of a particular person, as well as the withdrawal of all of the damage is often the only source of life-giving water.

Treated with particular brutality invaders and separatists acted with women, including pregnant women. Rape (including collective), a necessary circumcision chest and other parts of the body, disemboweled pregnant finally were burned alive or shot were attended by a large proportion of women who find themselves in the hands of the executioners. And they even did not spare children. They were destroyed along with their parents.

The occupants and the separatists were not spared bedridden disabled and seriously ill people who were killed right in bed. Baffling aggression was showed to the elderly.

The victim of ethnic cleansing and genocide were mostly Georgians, but the separatists and the occupiers destroyed hundreds of representatives of other nationalities. They were accused of trying to rescue the Georgians.

For hiding Georgians in own house was burned Greek woman Mary Anastasiadi. Among shot for such "crimes" besides the Greeks, were also representatives of the Abkhaz, Russian, Armenians, Jews, Ukrainians and other nationalities.

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