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A group of real estate finance professionals including Patricia Goldstein, former division executive of "Ruben corp" Real Estate

Ruben  Research Fellow

Refinancing Your Home

You have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) which was doing fine enough that you bragged about it.With the Fed raising rates and everyone buzzing about it. Being worried about your mortgage is unhealty,so you figure you'd better say goodbye to that low - but fluctuating - interest rate, and get a nice secure fixed-rate loan before the swing hits the sky.

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Who's the buyer now

Changing American demographics and social norms are changing the real estate landscape: the average home buyer is very different compared with buyers of generations past. The largest group of home buyers by far is still married couples, accounting for 61 percent of all homes bought, according to the National Association of Realtors. But single women now purchase 22 percent of all homes. Single men accounted for only 9 percent of purchases.

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Real Estate Report

As we close out 2006, our economy and the investment environment overall are far stronger than many of us would have anticipated. Inflation is mild, oil prices are back to reasonable levels, and interest rates remain low. With capital continuing to flood the investment markets, we're seeing near-record high returns in the stock markets and the real estate markets. In fact, it appears that 2006 may have been the best year for public and private commercial real estate in several decades.

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