Duties on Mineral Water Use to Differentiate

Duties on mineral water use will be differentiated according to its purpose and form of consumption. Namely, duty for drinking mineral water (including one extracted for bottling) makes up 3 lari per 1 cubic m; underground fresh water for bottling - 4 lari per cubic m, while its price for technical use is defined by 0.005 lari; on therapeutic mud - 1 lari per t. Duty was set on underground water extraction for external use (healing bath) as well - 0.04 lari per 1 cubic m.
Corresponding amendments in law "On Duties for Natural Resources Use" were adopted by the Parliament recently and will enter in force within 15 days after publication.

Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources notes that new duty will make possible to define real potential of Tskaltubo, Georgia's major balneological resort. Figures show, that Tskaltubo radon mineral water exploiting reserve makes up 5,000 cubic m daily. However, only 3 bathes are functioning in resort under small load, while in the period of full charge (in 1980-ies) 15,000-18,000 hydrotherapeutic procedures were made daily in 9 bathes.

Along with, amendments envisage setting duties on underground thermal waters of thermo-energy purpose in accordance with temperature rate. Namely, duty for 1 cubic m of 40-60°C water will make up 0.03 lari, 60-80°C - 0.05 lari, 80-100°C - 0.06 lari, and 0.08 lari for more than 100°C.

With this, the government took into account remark of financial-budgetary committee and excluded duty "on underground fresh water for household use". Correspondingly, underground fresh water, used by private individuals for private consumption, is not subjected to duty.



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