George Arveladze- Minister of Econonmic Development

George Arveladze- Minister of Econonmic Development: United Telecommunication of Georgia Illegally Demands from Caucasus Online Payment of 15 GEL Fee
According to Giorgi Arveladze, Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, Internet users should not pay additional tariffs because of inconsistency between 2 private companies.
"The National Communication Commission will approve the new tariff on Friday for use of the underground fiber0-optic cable belonging United Telecom. It will be much higher comparing to existing tariffs, but subscribers, and the Internet-providers should not pay it. The Internet users is growing daily in Georgia, accordingly, quality of services should be better. In this situation, the rights of consumers should not be restrained because of a monopoly position of any company," minister stated.
The United Telecommunication company has increased the tariff for using a underground fiber-optic cable from 3 to 15 GEL. However Caucasus online, which at the given stage supervises almost 90 % the Internet-market of Georgia, has refused o pay additional payment. After that the management of Telecom has declared, that it will raise an additional payment directly from Internet users.


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