Discovery Journey 2008: Republic of Georgia

Discovery Journey 2008: Republic of GeorgiaDiscovery Journey 2008: Republic of Georgia—An International Study Program in Health and Human Services
General Description
This course is designed to provide an analysis of the health care and human services systems in Georgia with a special emphasis on understanding societal influences on policies, programs, and institutions in promoting and maintaining a healthy community.

Components of the study include:
1) present-day life, lifestyle and living conditions of people in urban and rural Georgia, including their economic and social problems;
2) an analysis of how these factors influence the development and functioning of individuals, families, groups or communities;
3) an analysis of major health and welfare practices and problems including and control of communicable diseases and
4) health care and human services delivery in Georgia including, financing, quality, cost and accessibility.

Visits include hospitals, clinics, universities, welfare agencies and professional associations. Other activities include: participation in pre-departure reading; orientations and consultation with the organizers and the team of program directors; meetings with health professionals and social workers; seminars and discussions; daily journaling; and a concluding session on the major learning outcomes of the program.

Objectives of the Study Program:
• Identify and understand emerging global issues in health and welfare including women's issues.
• Identify and explain societal influences on health and welfare policies, programs and institutions.
• Identify major social and health problems in Georgia, including their prevention, intervention, treatment, and control.
• Review and compare health education and welfare education in Georgia and North America.
• Analyze and critique health care and human services delivery in Georgia including innovative solutions and possible applications for emerging needs back home.
• Become aware of one's own belief systems, values, priorities and goals in one's own life and their role in maintaining a healthy personal and professional life-style.
• Become familiar with diverse health care and human services systems including the holistic approach as practiced in Western Georgia.
• Understand the role of international agencies and explore international career opportunities.

Cities and Communities:
Tbilisi, Batumi, Upper Abkhazia

Dates. June 20, 2008 - July 07, 2008.

Cost: Includes international flights, air and ground transportation and accommodation in Georgia, entrance fees to monuments and cultural centers, seminar fees and fee for English speaking guides.

To Enroll call 888/427-5517

A team of professionals will escort you and organize visits, meetings and other learning activities that will offer an enriching experience you will cherish for life!

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