Everything You Need to Know About Hair Testing For Drugs of Abuse

An educational and interactive look at the often-misunderstood world of hair testing for drugs of abuse in the workplace. The discussion will include the benefits of hair testing, how to perform the collection, the science behind the test, current regulations and a comparison of hair testing against urine and oral fluid screening. Bring along your questions, as a part of the hour will be dedicated to getting you the answers you need. HOST
Barry Sample, Ph.D., is Director of Science and Technology for the Employer Solutions division of Quest Diagnostics. Dr. Sample is responsible for the production and introduction of new products and services through new test, informatics, and technology development. Dr. Sample joined Quest Diagnostics in 1991. Under his direction, the Atlanta laboratory, which was accredited by the International Olympic Committee, provided the doping control services for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. He has served as a consultant to the CAP Toxicology Resource Committee and as a member of the DHHS Drug Testing Advisory Board. He is a lecturer and has co-authored numerous presentations and publications dealing with drug analysis, athletic drug testing and toxicology. Dr. Sample received his bachelor's degree in chemistry and his doctorate in pharmacology from Indiana University.


Review by Dr. Ramaz Mitaishvili

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