Substance Abuse

The AISER has identified four priority areas of drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation. By sharing of good practices the aim is to assist service providers to improve the quality of the services and to guide policy-makers in programming and planning. Special attention will be given to the needs of women and young people.

Russian peacekeepers in Drug Smuggling

Russian and AISER (Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research)  experts used infrared technology from an airplane to confirm suspicions that in Abkhazia (breakaway province of Georgia) is growing marijuana. The same team monitoring drug trade in Abkhazia voiced alarm at increasing drug use in Abkhazia and the self-proclaimed government’s as well as Russian peacekeepers role as a transit point for narcotics heading westward.

Experts cited that Abkhazia has the potential to become the leading producer of marijuana in the Eastern Europe. Russians said marijuana is
currently being cultivated on at least in two area Ochamchire, and Gudauta. No any gram of marijuana was confiscated. This supports suspicion of officials involvement in drug trade. Other drugs have made their way from Abkhazia, include opium, LSD, and heroin. Besides many publications about drug trafficking, Abkhazia’s self-proclaimed government continues to do this kind of business.



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Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions

Issue 57 - April 2008
Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index® Results Drug Testing Works!  
 A 22% decline in drug positivity for methamphetamine and an unprecedented 19% decline in cocaine positive drug test results among the general U.S. workforce were the main findings of the annual Drug Testing Index® released recently by Quest Diagnostics.

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Abkhazia: Drug test Center

My current profession as a medical doctor has given me a unique perspective on the challenges and problems that result when there is a substance abuse problem at a worksite. I am committed to ensuring that our clients achieve and maintain a drug-free workplace.
                                  Dr. Ramazi Mitaishvili

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Narcotrafficing in Abkhazia

By Ramaz Mitaishvili, MD
The post Soviet era appears to be an era of unprecedented change. Nations are disintegrating in some places while in others they are forming supranational powers such as the European Union. Transnational threats such as narcotrafficing, crime and terrorism along with ecological problems, uncontrolled territories and large- scale population migration create new challenges for the legitimacy of governments.

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About Drug and Alcohol testing in Abkhazia

Ramaz Mitaishvili
Glendale, CA

No substance abuse effort is really effective without some form of drug testing. A fair, well-executed program prevents substance abuse and greatly improves workplace safety and productivity. Testing is more cost-effective: it is humanitarian. By actively encouraging employees who abuse alcohol or drugs to get help, a testing program can save jobs, marriages - and lives.

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Alcohol Testing from Quest Diagnostics

Issue 54 - December 2007
With the holiday season, parties and New Year's Eve shortly upon us, it seems an appropriate time to examine the topic of alcohol testing. You probably know that Quest Diagnostics offers a broad range of employment safety services ranging from drug testing to background checks. But you may not know that we also offer a variety of solutions for alcohol testing.

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Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions:Issue 53 - December 2007

Hair Testing: An Alternative to Consider

Quest Diagnostics is committed to providing your company with a complete array of drug testing options. We often receive questions from customers regarding alternative testing, specifically hair testing services. If you are not already aware, or are considering an alternative testing methodology, you might be interested to know that hair testing for drugs of abuse is available from and performed by Quest Diagnostics.

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Cold Medicines and Drug Results

Issue 52 - October 2007    
Safe & Sound - Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions Newsletter
With cooler weather around the corner, cold and flu season is not far off. During this time of year, questions surrounding common cold medicines and their impact on drug testing results commonly arise.

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New Government Study Shows the Value of Drug Testing

Issue 51 - September 2007

If you are hiring workers between the ages of 18 and 25 and you do not conduct pre-employment drug testing, there is a good chance that you may be hiring substance abusers.
A new federal study indicates that 19% of workers in that age group are current (in the previous 30 days) illicit drug users compared with 10.3% of those between 26 and 34, 7% of those between 35 and 49, and only 2.6% of workers between 50 and 64.

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