Money laundering and Money Corporate Relations in Abkhazia

During the last period, legalization of illegal incomes and criminal activities connectedwith it are under important transformation. The „centre“ of their realization has been movedto spheres and regions, where the situation created under the influence of variouscircumstances and factors makes it possible to realize the mentioned activities (financialoperations of questionable function) relatively without restriction and in other cases ratherfreely. This especially refers to the regions formed in the result of separative activities, armedconflicts, non- legitimate and illegal armed formations. Norms established under Georgianjudicial acts does not operate on this territory (among them are international norms directedagainst financing money laundering and terrorism facts). 



As a result of Russian policy, which is directed to maintain the influence overGeorgia by supporting the regime of self-declared republics existent on this territory, it madepossible to maintain political conflicts in Abkhazia and sometimes to kindle it as well, whichcreates a good environment for financial crimes, illegal trading with weapons and with theproperty of refugees, for shelter for terrorists, for transition narcotics, for legalization illegalincomes (money laundering) and contraband.    


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