"Politics and issues come and go, but in the end, we’ll all be remembered for the way we treat other people.”

Morris K. Udall

Should the West Pursue the New Trans Caspian Energy Project?
GUAM leaders hold plenary meeting at Baku summit
President Saakashvili attending GUAM summit in Baku
President Saakashvili travels to Baku for GUAM summit
President Saakashvili touts cooperation with UAE at reception honouring visiting shaykh
Open for business
President Saakashvili comments on his meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy
President Saakashvili meets newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris
President Saakashvili addresses Georgian Diaspora
Armenian Lobby: its Academia and Georgia


  • Russia’s Geopolitical
    Russia’s recent geopolitical moves have distinguished themselves from the earlier attempts to regain the influence once exercised by its predecessor states, the U.S.S.R.
    Vasili Rukhadze Research Fellow
  • Public Relations and Cultural Diplomacy
    Public diplomacy refers to diplomatic activities that directly reach out, in cooperation with the private sector, to the people and public opinions of foreign countries as opposed to traditional diplomatic activities that are conducted between governments.
    Director of Department for Public Relations and Cultural Diplomacy Dr. Ushangi Rezhinashvili
  • The Future of NATO

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