Russia’s Geopolitical

Russia’s recent geopolitical moves have distinguished themselves from the earlier attempts to regain the influence once exercised by its predecessor states, the U.S.S.R.
Vasili Rukhadze Research Fellow

Russian, Georgian Diplomats Discuss S.Ossetia

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Grigory Karasin, spoke on the phone with his Georgian counterpart, Grigol Vashadze on July 3 and discussed situation in the South Ossetian conflict zone.

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UNGA adopts resolution recognizing right of return by refugees, IDPs to Abkhazia, Georgia

The United Nations General Assembly
GA/10708, Sixty-second General Assembly, Plenary 97th Meeting (AM)

In a recorded vote of 14 Member States in favour to 11 against and 105 abstaining, the sixty-second session of the General Assembly today recognized (27.34 kB ) the right of all refugees and internally displaced persons and their descendants, regardless of ethnicity, to return to Abkhazia, Georgia.

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In the Georgian Province of Abkhazia, a Possible Flashpoint for a New War

A Warning Shot From Moscow?

Before it happened, nobody imagined that the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo would set off World War I. Before the "shot heard round the world" was fired, I doubt that 18th-century Concord expected to go down in history as the place where the American Revolution began. Before last weekend, when the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS declared that the government of Georgia was about to invade Abkhazia, nobody had really thought about Abkhazia at all. As a public service to readers who need a break from the American presidential campaign, this column is therefore devoted to considering the possibility that Abkhazia could become the starting point of a larger war.

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Russian peacekeepers in Organ trade in Abkhazia

The organ trade became a global phenomenon. Since the introduction of the immuno-suppressant drugs organ transplantation has become a relatively safe operation. As a result in many parts of the world, the demand for organs far outweighs the supply. Brokers have stepped in, offering organs for sale to cover the deficit. We already inform that Abkhazia (breakaway province of Georgia) became a paradise for drug dealers and kidnapers. Recently, a NGO Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research, based in California decided to truck traffic in human organs specifically from Abkhazia. A research team led by Doctor Loraine Sandoval documented the practices of organ harvesting in Abkhazia.

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British 'spy' arrested in Russian secrets plot

Peter HillA former British soldier has been arrested on suspicion of spying for the Russian intelligence services, it can be disclosed today.
Peter Hill, a former Territorial Army trooper in the Royal Armoured Corps, was detained under the Official Secrets Act, for allegedly attempting to sell classified military documents to the Russians.

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Gog from Magoga Khaindrava

For fifteen years the face of Khaindrava has flashed across the television screens. A man once involved in the Gamsakhurdia's coming to power, as well as his overthrow and the events of the 'rose revolution', is yet again attempting to contribute to destabilizing the situation, perhaps for the first time in a direct confrontation with a legitimate government - in an apparent attempt at self-aggrandizement. Indeed, prior to this, he had remained in the shadows with a firm hold on power.

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Georgian-Russian Crisis and the Western perspective

By David Batashvili

On October 30, 2007 a Georgian-Russian armed confrontation was narrowly avoided in the village of Ganmukhuri in Western Georgia. Dozens of heavily armed men were kicking and pushing each other, occasionally firing in the air. While bloody encounter luckily did not occur, political tensions have reached their peak as a result of the incident.

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Peacekeepers or drug smugglers?

Peacekeepers or drug smugglers?The AISER has obtained an internal report examining allegations of drug smuggling by Russian peacekeepers in the Abkhazia (breakaway province of Georgia).
It concluded that Russian officers provided armed escorts, hospitality and food to drug smugglers in Abkhazia. They openly support separatist regime in Abkhazia
The confidential report recommended the case be referred to UN for appropriate action against the troops.

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