Update: Russian air strikes again civilians

Following Photo materials were taken by the British journalist in Gori, Georgia on August 09, 2008 during the Russian air strikes against civilian targets where apartment buildings were heavily bombed. Almost all civilians within those apartment buildings were burned alive. Russian forces continue bombardment of cities and villages all across Georgia, including port city of Poti, Batumi, Senaki, Marneuli, Upper Abkhazia (former Kodory valley) and Georgian military bases of Vaziani. In Tbilisi, people are adviced to take shelter in the city subway. There is a huge propaganda and disinformation wave coming out from the Russian news agencies, therefore, please consult BBC, CNN and other western media for further information. I will keep everyone posted as the crisis develops. In my opinion, this is a direct aggression against the sovereign state, member of UN, EU parliament, OSCE, WTO. This attack draws parallels with Soviet aggression on Finland in 1939, invasion of Afghanistan in 1980s and even with Soviet punitive attacks on Hungary in 1956 and Prague Spring of 1968. Putins last speech was the mockery of the human rights and international law, it has greatly resembled Chekist/KGB type of speech of Soviet times.

Currently, as of now Russian are carrying out air strikes on Upper Abkhazia which probably will follow Abkhaz-Russian-Cossack infantry offensive against Georgian side and civilians in Kodory valley.

Following is the video evidence of the bloody campaign which Russia wages on Georgian civilians since its invasion of Georgia proper:

If situation further deteriorates, I plan to visit Georgia to further enhance the information awareness of this punitive attack against the sovereign state.

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