Russia and Georgia cyberspace war

Russia- With the current state of battle between Russia and Georgia provinces, the entire region has been very volatile.

But there have been a number of different attacks of a different nature recently, with hackers from both nations doing battle against each other in warfare of a different kind.

The web attacks have been the trivial to the intense, with both private and government web sites being attacked, and visitors being redirected or their web sites being taken down entirely.

State Sponsored web sites have been taken down and targeted, with the state RIA organization Novosti with several denial of service attacks that left the site down for several days.

The first of the attacks against Georgia began in July, even before the warfare attacks started by Russia against Georgia.

The President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvilli had his website sabotaged with an attack that redirected users to a pro Hitler website.

Several Georgia web sites also have reported additional attacks since the battle began, and the government of Russia is denying that they have had any involvement in any Internet attacks.

No one knows for sure who is responsible for attacks against Georgia, but security experts feel certain that behind it all is elements from the Russian Government.


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