A Decree to Collapse the Russian Federation is signed

russian eagleThus, it is right time to assume a pose of Vladimir Ilyich and make a statement: “The Decree adopted by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev contains all legal grounds to collapse the Russian Federation which have been continuously discussed y by reasonable people all over the world.”

I am not sure if Russian Emperors are going to forgive him that terrible set up. Nevertheless, the fact that Russia had initiated its history with total genocide of Tatar people and had proven its inevitable end today is not even disputed. It is becoming obvious that people in Northern Caucuses as well as people in Povoljie, Siberia and Far-East have a right to be independent and to request international support. Those who are cherishing hope to save the evil empire with the help of KGB-Fascist dictatorship will get extremely disappointed.  It is impossible to sit down on a bayonet, especially for Kremlin emperors.

Of course, the malicious dwarfs will take their next step and include Abkhazia and Tkhinval region into the empire which will not make any difference. The civilization of the entire empire became old, and the only chance to survive was to appeal international law.

Today, President Dmitry Medvedev put his country beyond the law border. Well, let’s see how long it will take the KGB gangs to keep the Russian territory safe and sound the idea of which makes everybody smile.



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