Concentration Camps in Tskhinvali under Russian the Jurisdiction

The following photographs were sent by the journalist (who I will not name due to his safety) who took the photo materials of the Concentration Camps (which they call detention camps) in Russian occupied Tskhinvali were so far hundreds of Georgian civilians are kept. He took these images with his cell phone camera and forwarded them to Human Rights Watch.

There are striking similarities with Srebrenica tragedy. According to refugees and HR, men are taken away to forests after which point nobody knows of their whereabouts. Similar camps are set up in other towns in occupied "South Ossetia." Note, the musical concert is held by the Russian military near this camp. We are getting more images and evidences, which are submited to the War Crimes Trubunal in Hague which just recently accepted the case of ethnic-cleansing of Georgians and will start the hearing on September 3rd.  Asked about his own earlier comments warning of a risk of ethnic cleansing by Russian forces in the territories, French Foreign Miniser Kouchner responded: "I hope that didn't happen overnight. But there has already been evidence that the armies are pushing away the Ossetians who favored Georgia, and in a certain way, yes, an ethnic cleansing is taking place."





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