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Moldova 2009 On April 5th 2009, the communist government of Republic of Moldova committed large election fraud. More than 30.000 of protesters gathered together in the center of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, for a peaceful demonstration. Knowing that there will be protests to the fraud, the so called president of Moldova, but rather its dictator, Vladimir Voronin let trained provocateurs in to the crowd and did exactly what Hitler did when he burned the Reichstag, to accuse later the opposition- gave the orders to destroy and set on fire the Parliament and government buildings in Chisinau, after which he accused the opposition and the neighboring Romania, a European Union member, of doing so.
By controlling the mass-media; all of the TV stations, radio and most of the news papers, Voronin lunched a dirty campaign of brain washing public and international opinion, using this ridiculous accusations. At the same time police, controlled by loyal to Voronin people started a brutal repression against the protesters and the opposition. Hundreds of protesters were arrested, most of them young students or even kids!
Some of them were picked up from the hospital bed where they were under treatment after being brutalized by police a day before. Others were taken out from the classrooms, by members of Mr. Voronin's secret police, really a Stalinist way of operating!
All of the arrested, including kids and women were severely beaten and tortured, some of the women were sexually abused and raped.
The arrested were kept in overcrowded conditions, 20 or even 30 in a two person cell! All of them were standing, with no water or food, and that for few days!
At least three of the peaceful protesters were killed; one of the murdered, a 23 year old left a 2 years old son that will never see his father again.
To make sure crimes of his regime will not reach the public eyes, Voronin also ordered arrests and brutality against the journalists from the few independent media in Moldova and expulsion of the foreign journalists. More than 24 journalists were not allowed to remain in Moldova.
The nongovernmental organization "Moldova for Democracy and Dev elopment”, is appealing to the international opinion to:
1) Condemn the criminal and dictatorial regime of Vladimir Voronin, to ask to stop the brutality, illegal arrests and tortures against its own citizens!
2) To free all of the illegally detained peaceful protesters and to punish all of those that Committed crimes, tortured, abused and killed protesters!
3) To respect constitutional rights of all the citizen of Republic of Moldova, freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful protests!
4) To allow local and international journalists to practice with no interference from the power structures.
5) To permit all the participants in the democratic process access to the public media, TV and radio stations in order to inform correctly the public opinion regarding the events.
Below are few of the organizations and its web addresses that we are urging you to contact in order to
stop the crimes of the Voronin’s regime in Moldova:
Amnesty International:
UNICEF-Child protection against violence, exploitation and abuse:
The Heritage Foundation:
Committee to protect journalists:
International Federation of Journalists:

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