David Sikharulidze visits South California

Verdugo ClubAs a result of active work and efforts made by the Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research, the Georgian Diaspora showed an interest towards the prosperity and well-being of their motherland, Georgia. 
To honor the current Georgian government it has chosen the proper means of ruling demonstrating consideration of the civilians living not only in Georgia, but also outside the country. Verdugo Club {mosimage}All the above caused the visit of the Ambassador of Georgia to the United States, Canada and Mexico, Mr. David Sikharulidze to Southern California.

The Streampress has released information on the first day of his visit. {mosimage}

{mosimage}On the second day, the Georgian delegation represented by Mr. David Sikharulidze, Mr. Vano Nakaidze and Ms. Natia Zambakhidze along with the administration of Abkhazia Institute Mr. Ushangi Rizhinashvili, Irakli Gagua, Ramaz Mitaishvili and Diane Melik held a meeting with the business elite of Southern California and the members of the Pacific Club. The discussions at the meeting led to new opportunities for the Georgian economics to establish independence in energy supply. {mosimage}

{mosimage}Mr. David Sikharulidze was invited to the Verdugo Country Club at 6:30 pm to have a meeting with the Georgian Diaspora at the party organized by the Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research.     

Dr. Ramaz Mitaishvili had a salutatory speech expressing his gratitude to the Georgians living in the Southern California and to Mr. Irakli Gagua personally for his outstanding efforts in organizing the visit of Mr. Sikharulidze. Mr. Mitaishvili mentioned that Georgia is currently at the edge of political cliff and it is vital to keep the gains of the last years. Mr. Mitaishvili focused on the Georgian democracy and three reasons to be cautious about: the Imperial politics of Russia, the opposition fed by the Kremlin and the “depression” of Georgians. He stated that those who demonstrate obedience and indifference are considered to be trading not only themselves but also their children and grandchildren, as well as their motherland and their ancestors. Mr. Mitaishvili spoke about a candidate who would be capable to protect their freedom, rights and democracy. {mosimage}

Dr. Mitaishvili was followed by Mr. Ushangi Rizhinashvili expressed his gratitude and introduced His Honor Mr. David Sikharulidze.

Mr. Sikharulidze briefly described the political situation and economic achievements in Georgia for the recent years. He also emphasized how important it would be for Georgia to become a member of NATO. To honor Mr. Ambassador he explained external as well as internal politics of Georgia, diplomatically leaving out characteristics of the candidates.

Mr. Vano Nakaidze spoke about a miraculous jump from 0 to 10-12% gain per year in Georgian economics. The guests were then forwarding their questions to Mr. Nakaidze.  

All the guests were gently touched by Ms. Gelman’s speech who proudly announced that she was an honorable citizen of Georgia. She spoke about the persecutions her and her family had to deal with everywhere she lived except Georgia. She remembered that right after her arrival to Georgia she was made a Senior Neurologist of Ajaria and her son was admitted to the Medical University. She kindly asked Mr. Ambassador to extent her gratitude to Mr. Saakashvili.

Professor Ushangi Rizhinashvili was not only an excellent host, but he also made comments about current political situation in Georgia.

{mosimage}The official part was then followed by the entertainment program. Famous composers and musicians Armen Aharonian, Emil Chaberi, Omar Torres and the bank were taking turns on stage to play and sing famous jazz songs as well as Georgian folk music.  {mosimage}

Singer Eliana Nickolskaya gave away her music CDs.  

{mosimage}The Gala night was attended by representatives of the Pacif Club Ibrahim Barlas, representatives of the Armenian intelligence Rafael and Samvel Vagarshakian and artist Liana Goroyan, and others.

{mosimage}On behalf of the Streampress we would like to offer our congratulations to Vazha Nadareyshvili who successfully obtained his Master Degree, as well as wish him a good luck in the future while in Tbilisi.

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