Reflection on the 1992-1994 Genocide in Abkhazia

Genocide of GeorgiansSpecial Events will be taking place of Reflection on the 1992-1994 Genocide in Abkhazia. On September 27, 2007, commemorative events will be taking place in Washington DC (USA), London (UK), and Riga (Latvia), as well as many cities around the globe.
In Washington DC, Under-Georgian Embassy in United States, and in London Under-Embassy of Georgia in United Kingdom will represent the many foreign diplomats and some of senators at the ceremonies. In all those places, there will be a meeting, and high-level panel discussions will be held in Washington DC and London.
In Washington DC, Vasili Rukhadze (AISER) will address a special one-hour commemorative meeting being held within the framework of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The Andrew Andersen will make an important speech which will address the prevention of genocide. His speech will be made following two minutes of silence which will be observed at 12:00 noon. The speeches will be webcast. It is possibility, that photo exhibition will be held in Yerevan (Armenia), Kiev (Ukraine), Warszawa (Poland). Among invited are almost all countries representatives,including senators high rank diplomats and celebrities.
A number of events to observe the  Day of Reflection on the 1992- 1994 Genocide of Georgians in Abkhazia are planned at RM Global Health Headquarters in Glendale, CA. The prezident of RMGH Ramaz Mitaishvili, MD has announced that on September 27 at 12:00 noon local time, the RM Global Health (employees and contractors not involved in medical services), Abkhazia Institute of Social and Economic Reaserch, Gagua Pro, GH USC, GHCSC will observe one minute of silence in memory of the victims of the genocide.

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