Strategy, Approach and Implementation Plan

The primary elements of proposed strategy, approach and implementation plan include:
  1. Foundation of Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Abkhazia (breakaway province of Georgia), with monitoring of Avian Influenza, ASF, TB, cholera, malaria, AIDS. To promote quality of life through peace and wellness.
  2. Foundation of Medical College in Abkhazia and South Ossetia with allied health specialties as well as CE courses in Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases Control and Prevention and others based on US standards. Development of special rehabilitation program for disabled Abkhazia war veterans and orphans through education.
  3. Seminars, conferences, and workshops, a working paper series, a newsletters, and other instruments to disseminate research and policy activities to promote joint research projects in high-priority areas, such as population health, spatial analysis, environmental science, and the intersection of information technology and social science methods; publishing of monthly magazine “Abkhazia” to inform society about our accomplishments in purpose to show skeptics from both sides about success in those joint projects.
  4. Foundation of Drug Test Center, including development programs for rehabilitation, by adopting a multi-modality approach in providing treatment and rehabilitation services to suit varying needs of different drug dependent persons to enable them to lead a new life.

Broadening participation in AISER by developing new communications materials and through continued outreach to the community via seminars, workshops and conferences and the individual and small-group meetings initiated in creating this plan. As our research development initiatives increasingly yield books, articles and findings that engage public policy debates, we expect greater participation in development efforts to raise intellectual funds from individual donors in order to build an endowment.

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