“We Remember” Online Exhibition and candlelight vigil set for September 27 Featured

Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research with Georgian-American Community, “Tanamemamule News” in US organizing online photo exhibition on September 27, to be carried out as a part of a program “We Remember” aimed to spread true about tragedy in Abkhazia which occurred 1992-1993 year. Go Facebook Photo Gallery

“Abkhazia Institute for Social and Economic Research,” curator of photographs. “WE REMEMBER” assembles the work of the world’s best photojournalists to inform and mobilize the public. We count on the courage and passion of our viewers to take this project beyond our walls. Within the exhibition, visitors will have an opportunity to respond and voice their concern about circumstances in Abkhazia by writing to Georgian and American government representatives. 

The exhibitions  will be launched in online in September 27,  “WE REMEMBER” was created to educate viewers about the multi-cultural population, demonstrate how the violence and mass killings have devastated the region, and raise funds for humanitarian organizations that provide relief of orphans and disabled children from Abkhazia. 

Dr. Andrew Andersen, whose work is featured in the site, will present an illustrated lecture in the Exhibition, titled “On the Front Lines of today’s ethnic conflicts.” Vasili Rukhadze will present work from Conflict Resolution through Economic Rehabilitation in Georgia’s Abkhazia Region-Case Study. The lecture-presentation of this research paper, based on the analyzes of Abkhazia’s past economic potential, will explore the possibilities of economic revival in this war-torn region and review the prospects of conflict resolution through gradual economic engagement. Themes dealing with the ideas of witness, evidence, and the responsibility of the audience will be explored with work that document recent genocides, civil wars, and Russia military intervention in Abkhazia.

About the Crisis in Abkhazia

The major trouble in Abkhazia began in September 27, 1993 when the self-proclaimed separatist government in Abkhazia, began sponsoring wholesale ethnic cleansing of all non-Apsua, almost all of whom were civilians. In Abkhazia today nearly 300,000 rely on humanitarian aid and 90 percent of villages have been looted or destroyed. Not since the Georgian genocide in Abkhazia of 1992-1994 has the world seen such a calculated campaign of slaughter, rape, starvation, and displacement.

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