Abkhazia Conflict Resolution Programme (ACRP)

From December 12 – December 22, AISER will host 50 visitors from more than 20 countries – Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Israel, Poland, Georgia,  Armenia, Nepal, Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Nigeria and China on a one week training program for professionals active in current research. The group comprised a mixture of academics, civil servants, journalists, NGO workers and members of civil society.
The program will involve a mixture of seminars, workshops, role play situations and guest lectures by prominent policymakers, practitioners and academics active in peace and conflict issues internationally. Comparative and shared learning will be a core component of the methodology employed. Among those who will speak with the group will be Irakli Gagua, Ramaz Mitaisvili, Vasili Rukhadze, Cruz Mendoza, Jennifer Soto, Baba Agunike, Vardan Oganian, Samy Lee, John Nguen, Barry Hartford.

Members of the group conducted field will visit to Washington DC and New York City, where they will meet with political leaders, government officials, prominent NGO’s and the media. Each participant will complete a three day work placement. This will involve linkages with a number of organizations, including the Human Rights Commission, the Committee on the Administration of Justice, Women’s Aid Foundation, Peace and Reconciliation Group, the Junction, the NI Equality Commission, the New York Times, BBC Radio Foyle, the Conflict Trauma Resource Centre.

The program aim at exposing professionals working in a variety of contexts to the Abkhazia peace process and to best practice in conflict resolution.

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