Computer Expert System "Antropos" in the Medical Practice

Computer Expert System

A new medical conception, which has been realized in the new Curative Diagnostic Computer Expert System was formed and used in the programmes of Space Investigations and  Rehabilitation and maintenance of the health of various groups of persons. The original analog-digital Apparatus Complex on the basis of non-invasive methods and Software for IBM PC, which forms the Desktop Curative Diagnostic Center "DCDC-ANTHROPOS". It allows: 1) to receive the perfect appraisal of the state of blood circulation and health on the basis of simultaneous registration of all main central and peripheral hae¬mo¬dy¬namic parameters;  2) to carry out the dynamic control over the state of the man's organism; 3) to appoint the individually selected complex of the curative and prophylactic recommendations.

Key Words:  Blood circulation, Gravitation, Expert Systems

ANTHROPOS Computer Expert System provides the realization of a singl Anthro¬po¬phy¬sio¬lo-gi¬cal Approach [1 – 4] in diagnostics, also in preventive and curative blood circulation correction and the state of health as a whole. The given approach is orientated on principal man's biological quality of  walking in the upright position and connected with gravitational factor, which influences on typical for man postural conditions of the vital activity. The determination of this factor's importance is provided by the inter¬commu¬ni¬cation of both the internal and invironment conditions which transform the influence of the gravitational load upon the blood circulation and the organism as a whole, as is also evaluated by the adequacy of this condition with the duration of passive rest in lying body position during night sleep or during day sleep and other elements of vital activity.
ANTHROPOS is realized on the basis of the single adequate complex evaluation of the blood circulation and somatic state of organism (in healthy and sick man) according to two obligatory postural condition for walking in the upright position man - in standing and lying body positions .
The adequacy and objectivity evaluation of the blood circulation is provided not only by connected according to postural conditions in lying - standing body positions, but and according to principal haemodynamic mechanisms ( volume - capacity - pump - blood flow) and according to the areas of the cardiovascular system with evaluation of central and peripheral blood circulation (Fig. 1).
It is important not only providing in diagnostic part of ANTHROPOS high information and sensibleness of integral and typological characteristics, but and wide possibilities of differentiated diagnostic of wide list of nosological important Beyond-normal Haemodynamic Syndromes, which are found at organism general, systemic, subsystemic, regional and organ levels, as is also according to separate haemodynamic components with regard for postural conditions of their manifestations.
The use, with these views, of pectoral and regional Tetrapolar Rheography and Skin Electrometry has allowed:      
1) to remove in full measure the methodical and technical limitations of other registration methods of the haemodynamic parameters taking into account the necessities of receiving anthropophysiologically adequate information on principal postural conditions of healthy and sick man's vital activity;      
2) to embrace the considerable number of registrational zones and for reasons given strengthen the objectivity and trustworthiness of receiving information about the state of blood circulation as a whole and according to its separate components;
3) to enlarge, to a considerable extent, the possibilities and effectiveness of dynamic control by practically nonlimited number of repeatable patient's examination in the process of being carried out the correction of state.
Diagram Realization of ANTHROPOS Curative Diagnostic Computer Expert System, besides the original theoretical and methodical base includes: serving the medical Interrogatory, conducting the medical inspection and acquaintance with available medical information; conducting the instrumental investigation according to the methods of measuring giving attention to parameters; automatized treatment of rheogramms, according to special algorithm; data automatic treatment, which are being received and forming diagnostic Conclusion of Anthropophysiological Investigation of the Haemodynamic Provision of the Somatic Organism State; automatic delivery of individually orientated to the Recommendations on Anthropophysiological Corective Complex; obtaining the record of Investigation wich contains all figure information in tabular form and attract the whole succession of the programme material treatment; Interrogatory data automatic fixation and the possibility of their obtaining in regulating.

Institute of Experimental Pathology & Therapy,
Georgian Academy of Sciences, Sukhumi.
By Dr. Dimitri T. Kipiani, Dr. Tornike I. Kipiani

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